5 Gifts in 1 For Her
5 Gifts in 1 For Him

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Men and women may not agree on everything but one thing we all like are gifts. And kisses.

So how about combining the two? Box Full of Kisses (one for Her, one for Him) contains not just one, but five thoughtfully chosen items, each of which is a great gift by itself -- together are sensational!

Click on the beautiful gift boxes featured above to explore the contents of each. Click on the links for greater details. A gift of kisses! What could be better?
Unique Gifts for Women
  • Eau de Parfum: So beautiful a fragrance it's worth the price of the box alone. Every time she sprays it, she'll think of you.
  • Lotion Full Of Kisses: For silky, smooth, heavenly smelling skin. It's for her, guys. Relax. We've got something for you, too.
  • Book Full of Kisses: How many ways of kissing can you think of? We've got 36 ideas for her. And him, too, of course.
  • Kissing Game: You used to play this when you were a kid. This is much better. You can't lose.
  • Kissing Cards: Each one can be exchanged for a kiss. Don't use them all at once! You may want another kiss later.
Girlfriend Gift Ideas
  • Cologne: If smelling great helps a relationship, this will absolutely assure success. Men tested, women approved!
  • Book Full of Kisses: Think he knows how to kiss? Maybe yes, maybe no. But with 36 kisses to choose from, he'll soon be an expert.
  • Kissing Game: They say men have no memories. With this game it doesn't matter. He can't lose.
  • Kissing Cards: They each contain a charming saying. They can each be redeemed for a kiss. He'll certainly like the latter.
  • Mouth Full of Kisses: It's a fancy way of saying Breath Mints.
Listen To:
'There are those who believe that our souls live in our breath and that kissing brings your souls together, thus combining you together for eternity.
Kissing is perhaps the most magical way to show how much you care.
It is at once psychological and physical.
So it stands to reason that a whole
Box Full of Kisses is a gift that unmistakably says "You mean a lot to me". Each of the beautiful boxes – For Her and For Him -- is a continuing declaration of your feelings and affection.
So don't be surprised when the object of your affection spontaneously thanks you with a kiss. Or two. Or more…