Gift Ideas for Girlfriends, Wives, and Dates

About Her Gift Box
The box is a gift all by itself. It is a striking felt lined red faux leather box with a matte finish ribbon hinged lid and a magnetic closure. The words "Box Full of Kisses" are embossed to add another element of style. A substantial wonderfully crafted box that is wide and deep enough for her to use and use and use. A constant reminder of you and you and you.

Box dimensions 10L x 7W x 2H
5 Gifts in 1 For Her
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Exclusive Eau de Parfum

Birthday Gifts for Women

Eau de Parfum
This beautiful fragrance was created especially for her gift box and would make the box a wonderful present if it were the only gift in it. It is delicious temptation in the form of an Eau de Parfum. An immediate impression of osmanthus, the traditional symbol of love and romance in the orient, fills the air with a floralcy touched by an ethereal hint of fruit and succulent berries. Slowly the delicate purity of water lily comingles with the rare notes of orange blossom honey nectar -- sweet, yet with the merest hint of effervescent citrus. Gradually, the fragrance develops a silky and soft velvety texture created by creamy sandalwood and rare ambery white woods. And now the fully formed fragrance emerges, warm and sensual. Inviting, tempting, close your eyes, caress your partner, inhale deeply and…kiss.

Smoothing Body Lotion
Gift ideas for girlfriends
The same beautiful fragrance in a silky smooth body lotion that glides on easily. Her skin will be so soft and fragrant you won't be able to resist touching her.
Book Full of Kisses
Gift ideas for girlfriends
Nothing communicates romantic feelings like a kiss. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to kiss. We have selected our favorite 36. Feel free to add to the list. Keep adding. And keep kissing.

Kissing Game
Birthday Gifts for Women
Romance can be a delightful game so we have created a light diversion for you both. Lay out all the cards face up. Take turns turning over cards to make matches. The person with the most matches gets the kiss of their choice (see Book). In other words, you can't lose.

Kissing Cards
Birthday Gifts for Women
It's in the cards! Each card can be redeemed for a kiss. There are 12 cards to be used whenever a kiss is desired. Of course, each card can be good for 2 kisses -- rules are made to be broken. Whatever, the message is obvious: kiss me!

*Includes blank greeting card