Box Full of Kisses
Box Full of Kisses is dedicated in memory of our grandmother. She was the best grandma anyone could have asked for. She was always there to listen and provide her wisdom to the whole family about life’s most valuable lessons. Love, she said, was the key to a meaningful life full of happiness. When she was asked how she kept her marriage of 69 years going strong, her answer was simply, “Never go to bed angry and always make sure you kiss before you say good night. You know we have 5 senses for a reason and a loving kiss involves them all.”Grandma was right (of course). A thousand words can never communicate romantic feelings like a single kiss. So we have taken grandma’s counsel to heart and created a whole Box Full of Kisses — one Box Full for Her, one Box Full for Him — as symbols of her inspiring advice. Within each box is an array of tender, charming and blissful representations of romance. Clever Games (who says romance can’t be fun?), Sensuous Fragrances — wait till you smell them! — a delightful Book of Kisses (a book of kisses? –yes!) and lots more. Each item appeals to one or more of your senses. Together all five are involved. Just like kissing!

Even the boxes are created with care. “While they are great gifts, we offer you the chance to add your own touch with a gift wrap of your choice and a personalized card.” Click on the boxes above and watch them reveal their contents. While you’re shopping, click on the song link above. It will make your heart dance a little. You can even forward it to someone you care about. I know grandma would have loved it.

About the song:

A Box Full of Kisses
Music and lyrics by Emek Rave & Jeffrey Sitt
Vocals: Johanna
Guitars: Marc Shulman
Bass, keyboards and String Arrangements: Emek Rave
Drums: Patrick Carmichael

Recording and Mixing Engineer: Rob Harari
Assistant engineers: Yohei Goto / Charles DeChants

Produced by: Emek Rave
Executive Producer: Jeffrey Sitt

Recorded at Brooklyn Recording – www.brooklynrecording.com
Vocals recorded at Excello Recording – www.excellorecording.com
Mixed at: Harariville Recording Studios – www.harariville.com
Mastered by: Michael Fossenkemper at Turtletone Studios – www.turtletonestudio.com

Emek Rave:NotEmek@yahoo.com
Jeffrey Sitt:BoxFullOfKisses@Gmail.com
Johanna: 617-823-3176
Marc Shulman:mdsguitar1@gmail.com
Patrick Carmichael:Tornpajamas@gmail.com / 347-432-7707
Rob Hararirob@harariville.com