Unique Gifts for Women

November 20, 2012Leave a comment

Hello Men,

Ladies you’re not allowed to read this! So guys listen when it comes to matters of the heart most of us are lost. How many times have we said to ourselves and or to friends “I never know what she wants from me, and when I ask her she calls me a fool”. Big ego booster, right guys? What happens in an exchange like this is we feel like paralyzed pissed little boys. So what do we do….zip…nada…zilch… we may even say something to our lady that puts us in an even worse place.

So guys listen carefully…what I think most women want is for their feelings to be cherished. Easier said then done but guys there are ways that are fun and enjoyable to recognize and act on her feelings. In time I’ll share my thoughts and advise on this most important female characteristic.

In the mean time for those of us you want the quick fix I’ve developed one of the most unique gifts for women called a box full of kisses. Yes this is a plug for me but hugs and love for you. 

Enjoy and Love well,


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Real Relationships

November 5, 2012Leave a comment

Hello world my name is Jeff E. Sitt creator of This concept has been brewing in my head for 8 years. The original thought was based on my view that there is a lack of romance in our world. We’re all so busy with work, family etc that we’ve forgotten the one thing that needs nurturing and care and that happens to be our love-soul. So Box Full of Kisses was created to bring lovers or soon to be lovers closer in a light hearted way.

I also have a realalistic view and perscpective on love and relationships. It may not be perfect but my comments and advise will be honest and from my heart.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Men and women may not agree on everything but one thing we all like are gifts. And kisses.So how about combining the two?Box Full of Kisses (one for Her, one for Him) contains not just one, but five thoughtfully chosen items, each of which is a great gift by itself — together are sensational!  A gift of kisses! What could be better?  Facebook:!/pages/Box-Full-of-kisses/418460864872332?fref=tsTwitter: